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Do you hate your yard? Or you just don’t love it? Are you tired of mowing, laying mulch, and raking leaves? Lepe Lawn Care is everything you need in a lawn service. We’ll do the work so all you need to do is enjoy your yard! From routine services such as mowing, leaf removal, trimming, mulching, and aerating, to occasional needs like tree removal, stump grinding, drainage solutions, land clearing and debris hauling, Lepe Lawn Care does it all. Our staff is professional and reliable, and we care for your lawn as if it were our own. Estimates are always free, so call today!

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It’s not just a “mow”. We weed-eat, edge and blow debris with every cut. We’ll mow on your schedule. Whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or a one time clean-up. You pay as you go, or pay monthly. Your choice.

& Weed Control

We make sure your lawn is as healthy as possible by fertilizing to promote thick, lush growth. And our weed management service helps keep unwanted weeds at bay while keeping in mind the health of your children and pets.

Leaf Removal

We specialize in fall and spring cleanups and offer a variety of options.
* Full Service does it all: Blow, collect and haul away leaves.
*Curbside Pickup:
You rake them and we take them.

Hedge Trimming

Your bushes, hedges and shrubs will look better than ever with our pruning service. We trim twice per year for most shrubs and at specific times depending on the species.
– from crape myrtles in February to azaleas
in June.

Mulch installation

We lay mulch year-round, but predominantly in the spring for beautification and in the fall to protect plants from winter freezes. We can provide red, black, brown and natural colored mulch. In addition to residential services, we also install much for schools, community organizations and homeowners associations, such as for common playground areas

Core Aerating

Your yard needs oxygen just as you do. Core aeration, removes plugs of dirt to break up soil and expose it to the surrounding air. This allows grass seed, fertilizer and other products to deposit deep into the ground and access the roots system. Contrary to “spike” aeration, which just pokes holes into the ground compacting soil and doesn’t allow seed to escape.


Is your yard bumpy or uneven? Have you had work done in your yard – such as a tree removal – that’s left holes, ruts and mounds behind? Does rainwater collect near your foundation instead of draining away from your house? We correct these undesired issues by grading your lawn to a smooth finish. Grading typically requires reseeding the affected part of the lawn, covering it with straw or a straw mat to prevent erosion. We also grade driveways to even out tire ruts and center humps, and we’ll fill in low spots including adding new gravel. We’ll also make sure your driveway properly drains water toward the street, not collect near your home.

Lot Clearing
& Clean up

Do you have a wooded area on your property? These areas can get cluttered with fallen branches and pop-up saplings, and can be a nesting place for snakes and other undesirable wildlife. We can clean up these areas or clear them completely to give you more usable lawn space.

Tree work

Our tree services include pruning, cutting back large branches encroaching on your house, tree topping, and entire removal of a dead, diseased or living tree. Of course, we haul away the tree remains.


Of course we haul away any debris we create or clear from your property. But we’ll also haul debris you or another service have cleared and collected. We’ll haul leftover dirt from swimming pool installations or tree parts that remain after tree removal.

Rock Installation

Some of our customers prefer rock to mulch for foundation and flower beds. Decorative stone is a more permanent solution, as mulch eventually turns to dirt and allows weeds to take root, and thus must be reapplied regularly. We also offer larger rocks for landscape elements such as a dry creek bed.

Stump Grinding

Tree and brush removal usually results in a residual stump. We grind stumps and haul away the sawdust-and-dirt mixture left behind. Stumps take years to rot on their own. We have removed stumps as large as 6 feet across!

Drainage Solutions

Virginia’s clay soil doesn’t drain well. If you have soggy spots in your yard or water collecting near your foundation, we can offer solutions including grading, installing a catch basin, digging a trench, installing a pipe, and building a dry well. And we’ll never correct your water issue while creating one for your neighbors – we’ll always ensure water collects in a catch basin or dry well away from your home or your neighbor’s, or flows to a wooded area or to your street’s storm drainage system.

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We serve Chester, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Richmond,
Colonial Heights, Hopewell and Prince George

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